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Strategic consulting services and advanced
communications, marketing and business relations management solutions.


Founded within DRG SYSTEMS with the objective of providing strategic consulting services and communications, marketing and business relations management solutions.

In 2005, thanks to the Research and Development division, DRG also began creating innovative products for multimedia communications, including kuBOX, a customized interactive solution.

The Milan branch opened in 2009.

Today, DRG COMUNICAZIONE is a dynamic business that employs over 10 collaborators, all with international and multidisciplinary experience, such as theater and cinema, in their backgrounds. The company provides its services to prestigious clients, some of which are also multinational companies.

Why choose us?

DRG COMUNICAZIONE will help you leave an impression on your world, your imprint.

  • with a turnkey, custom project: study, conceptualization, implementation and operability;
  • as a single provider of experience in all communication services: from a coordinated image for a website to trade fairs;
  • becoming a dedicated partner for consulting services and evolved solutions for marketing and business relations management;
  • with a technological team that proposes solutions for innovative communications;
  • with human resources that have truly experienced communications, also transversally.


a division of DRG SYSTEMS Srl

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A miller invents an Oscar winning flour: Triplozero: A team of computer technicians creates a management system and gives it the name GEDI (the first two syllables of the Italian term "gestionale ditta" [management system]).

At first glance there is nothing "artistic" in this: flour is flour; a management system, a management system. Nerd computer techs and flour covered millers. 
This could have been our thought process, like anyone with good sense. But we like to use our imaginations.

We believe that every invention encompasses the total uniqueness of the person that created it, their personal imprint, a moment that cannot be repeated. 
We believe that communication is not an exercise of style, but instead is a means for helping each company better sell itself. 
We believe that every project must not convey the banality of everyday, but the magic of all that is new.

But will it work?
Ask Agent 000, the GEDI warriors and the rest of the company.

In an era dominated by the homogenization of objects and situations, words, concepts and ideas, it is even more important to remember who we really are. 
DRG COMUNICAZIONE will help you leave an impression on your world.
Your imprint.

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